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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Spy Next Door 2010

Jackie Chan plays an international spy borrowed by the American government. His character is called to baby-sit his neighbor’s children and winds up having to fight off secret agents after one of the kids inadvertently downloads a secret code.


What is a PTC?

PTC(Paid to click) is when advertisers pay a user to click on an ad to visit the advertiser's website. PTC sites provide an easy way for you to earn extra cash, while giving advertisers results through guaranteed, targeted ads.

STEP 1 Find and join a PTC

There is an abundance of PTC sites on the internet. However not all are trustworthy. Below is a list of sites which I trust and you may choose to join.The strategy to making money with these sites is to join multiple programs and to earn a little bit from each of them each day. I would recommend you find 10 to 20 programs that you really like and earn money from all of them.








STEP 2 Create a Paypal/Alertpay account

After joining a PTC site, you will have to create Paypal/Alertpay account to receive your payment. Paypal/Alertpay is an internet payment service which allows you to receive money from the PTC sites securely and quickly, you can use it too for buy referrals or premium accounts. And the most important of all it is FREE!



STEP 3 Click on the advertisements

After you have signed up with a PTC site, click and view as many ads as possible daily.

STEP 4 Get referrals

Getting referrals plays a big part in deciding how successful you are investing time in Paid-to-Click (PTC) sites. Increasing the amount of referrals you have will dramatically increases the amount of money you make. I've compiled 12 of the most popular ways of getting referrals for your convenience below:

12 ways to get referrals
1. Downline Builders

A downline builder is a quick and easy way to build your referral base. Downline builders provide a list of programs that members can join. After joining a site you use the link provided by the list, which becomes a referral link to your sponsor (person who referred you to the site). After you join the site, your referral link becomes the active link in the list for anyone that you refer to the site. Most downline builders have a multi-tier program as well that allows your referral link free-flow through to all tiers. Your referrals have the opportunity to grow exponentially because of this multi-tier approach.

I highly recommend the following Downline Builders:

Free Money Team


Marketing Pond

Global Team Club

2. Exchange Referrals with others

Another way to get referrals is to exchange referrals with other people. You can join using another program using another person's referrals link and ask the person to join yours using your referrals link. This way you can get more referrals. Usually, the person that joins using your referral link will be active referrals.

3. Free Referral Exchange Sites

One of the best ways to get referrals is to use sites that specialize in referral exchange. These sites offer its users the ability to get referrals in return for signing-up as a referral to someone else.

The basic process works like this:

You sign-up at a referral site as a member much like any PTC site. After you are a member you must then acquire credits that you will use later on as an incentive to get your referrals. You start by looking for a PTC you want to join and the credits being offered by other members. You sign up for one that interests you and receive the offered amount of credits. Now you are able to offer those credits to someone else to join as a referral under you for whatever PTC site you want.

Here are some of the most popular referral sites:

Program Referrals

Get Referrals

Target Referrals

Simple Referrals

4. Traffic Exchanges

Another way to get referrals is by using the advertising power of traffic exchanges. Traffic Exchanges are basically sites that offer its members the ability to advertise their links and banners for free after viewing other links and banners.

Here's how it works:

You sign-up as a member of a Traffic Exchange site. You then must view ads like you do for PTC sites, but instead of getting paid for your clicks, you are able to advertise your banners and links. Traffic exchanges usually offer some type of ratio for exchange. For instance, a site that offers 1:1 ratio means that you can get one click on your referral link or banner for every one click that you make.

Below is a list of more popular Traffic Exchange Sites:


Royal Surf

Traffic Syndicate 25

Traffic Splash

Traffic Era

5. Forum Posts

Putting your referral links in forums related to PTC sites is a great way to recruit potential members. Not only are you advertising your referral links to your prime targetted audience, but its also free.

To start, you should create a signature with your referral links. Some sites restrict you to three or four lines, but this is usually more then enough to get 12 to 15 referrals links. You could also use a banner instead, with just a few other referral links. After your signature is created, you will be advertising your referral link every time you make a post.

Most forums do not allow you to post referral links just anywhere in the forums. There is usually one designated topic such as "Advertise your site" to do your referral posting, so be careful before you just start adding it everywhere or your post will get deleted and maybe even worse yet your account. This is why is great to have your referral links in your signature because even though you are not allowed to post your referral links in some topics, your signature is allowed to have the referral links and will appear in every post.

6. Use your blog

If you have a blog and your blog have constant visitors, then you can use your blog to get referrals. All you need to do is to write a post about the programs you wanted to get referrals to join and encourage your blog readers and visitors to join the programs using your referrals link. This technique is proven and very effective to get referrals.

7. Advertise

Advertising is the most expensive way to get referrals. You can advertise your referrals links using many ways. The internet provides a lot of advertising services that you can choose from. Advertising is very costly but it is the best way to get referrals fast and easy.

8. Create videos

If you are good at creating videos, then you can use videos to attract user's attention and turn them into you referrals. You can create a video about the programs you join and upload to YouTube, Google videos and other video streaming sites. This way is a great method and a lot of people successfully get a lot of referrals using video.

In short, there are a lot of ways you can get referrals for the programs you join. There can be hundreds and thousands ways to get referrals. The idea to get referrals is very simple; you need to be creative and hardworking to promote the programs you wish to get referrals. If you use the correct method at the correct time, you will see the number of referrals grow and in no time, you can see you income grow rapidly.

9. E-mail Signatures

An E-mail signature usually consists of linked text. The text should be something to catch the readers attention or peak their curiosity. The link should be to your PTC. I can tell you that this is an free advertising opportunity that can prove to be very effective.

10. Get Referrals Using Social Networks

Get Referrals using Social Networks. First of all, every social network has either a profile page or place to put your signature line, so essentially every move you make on a social network will either drive traffic directly to you, or make you blog more search engine friendly.

The rules of etiquette for social networks are basically the same as forum posting. Try to find popular topics to comment on, comment on blogs, create a blog. They are called "Social" networks for a reason.

Below is a list of more popular Social Network Sites:



11. Books On Getting Referrals

There many books available on how to get more referrals for your PTC. Below are some of the a highly recommended book for your reference.

How To Leverage Your Business Into High Profits

With Easy-To-Use Referral Marketing Systems

12. Business Cards and Flyers

Sometimes the best way to do things is to do it the old fashioned way. Distributing Business Cards and flyers is a great way to attract new referrals. In this day and age, we must understand that not everyone is as internet savvy as us. As such business cards and flyers can assist in promoting your PTC to those who are not as internet savvy or do not spend much time on the internet.

Friday, February 5, 2010

DOTA 6.66b AI (FIX)

DotA-Allstars 6.66b AI v0.2141 Map Download. As you guys already knew that previous DotA 6.66b AI 0.214 had crashing fatal error/crashing problem but now BuffMePlz has fixed that problem and released DotA 6.66b AI 0.2141 map. Check the download and changelogs of this fix version.

Dota Allstars v6.66b AI 0.2141 Download:

DOTA 6.66b AI (mirror 1)
DOTA 6.66b AI (mirror 2)

DotA 6.66b AI 0.2141 Changelog:
-Rewrote Overpower and Summon Familiars to prevent AI crashes
-Undid the fix added for Pounce in 6.66b that was causing the game to crash
-Added a workaround for when AI attempt to attack a dropped Divine Rapier (item will be removed)
-Fixed AI from destroying the Aegis after having them attack Roshan

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daybreakers 2009

In the year 2019, a plague has transformed most every human into vampires. Faced with a dwindling blood supply, the fractured dominant race plots their survival; meanwhile, a researcher works with a covert band of vamps on a way to save humankind.

Did you know? (Darchrow)

Fountain/Well Of Life will not attack if Engima's is channeling Blackhole near it.

DOTA 6.66b OMG Map

Great news for all the DotA Omg fans out there! The DoTA 6.66b OMG Mode map is now released BoB. Are you ready to play DotA Heroes with custom or random skill layout? Get this map because it has a new command introduced which disables use skills. Now, You won't use Engima with Kunkka's cleave in random draft mode.

Dota Allstars 6.66b OMG v1.04d Download:

DotA v6.66b OMG v1.04f.w3x (mirror 1)
DotA v6.66b OMG v1.04f.w3x (mirror 2)

DotA v6.66b OMG 1.04f Map Changelogs:
- New mode - Pick Abilities (-pa) - any player can pick any ability for its any hero without time limits. [details below]
- New mode - Disabled Skills (-ds) - disabled but working abilities will be added to skills pool. [some details below]

- Different skills pools for -ad and -ra modes.
- Opportunity to see allies' abilities-
- Rewrite of abilities Warpath, Fiery Soul, Static Field, Aftershock, Overload, Requiem of Souls and Eclipse for their correct work with any skill.
- Rewrite of Aghanim's Scepter for its correct work with every upgradable ultimate.
- Removing of Kelen's Dagger restriction on Pudge and Venge and Quelling Blade restriction on Kunkka.
- Removing of multiple passives, criticals or bashes restriction.

• Pick Abilities
Pick Abilities is a copy of All Pick, but for abilities. There will be created ~20 new taverns after activation of mode, filled with skills. Taverns are sorted by skills tenor, for example there will be Windwalks tavern, Blinks tavern, Haste tavern, AOE nukes taverns, etc.
After picking hero, player will be able to choose 3 standart skills and 1 ultimate skill for its hero immediately and he shouldn't wait for others. Every chosen skill will be removed from taverns, so 1 ability allowed to be picked only for 1 hero in all game (without -da submode ofc).
Pick Abilities will be compatible with any other standart mode, and won't be compatible with Random Abilities or Abilities Draft. Also, -pa will be compatible with -noherolimit, so you can choose abilities for every your hero.
Maybe, there will be command -randomize like standart -random in -ap with opportunity to repick abilities.

• Disabled Skills
- Disabled Skills submode will add every working ability to skills pool.
- This addition will be constant for Pick Abilities and Abilities Draft, but every player can set on/off this mode for itself in Random Abilities.

You can start playing DotA Omg with these two modes for other optional modes read this thread on PlayDota.