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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holy Knight Guide

Strength - 20 + [1.5]
Agility - 15 + [2.1]
Intelligence - 21 + [2.8]

Advanced Statistics:
Affiliation: Sentinel
Damage: 43 - 53
Armor: 1.1
Movespeed: 300
Starting HP/MP: 530/273
Attack Range: 600


(Active, Single-Target, Affects Enemies)
Forces a unit to accept punishment for its sins, causing it to move slower and accept more damage from attacks and spells.

Mana Cooldown C. Range AoE Duration Effects
1 100 11 sec 600 N/A 7sec 8% movement speed reduction, and 7% increased damage taken
2 100 12 sec 600 N/A 7sec 16% movement speed reduction, and 14% increased damage taken
3 100 13 sec 600 N/A 7sec 24% movement speed reduction, and 21% increased damage taken
4 100 14 sec 600 N/A 7sec 32% movement speed reduction, and 28% increased damage taken

Chen's Skills themselves are very simple. There's not much more to say than 'click on the skill icon, click on an enemy, he becomes slower and gets more damage. The bonus damage is phyisical, though, and gets therefore reduced by armor.
With this skill, your allies can deal more damage and your creeps can reach the enemy hero more easily and use their spells.
What I read recently in an mechanics thread in the DA forum:
If the Penitence slow is purged, the unit will continue to receive extra damage for the remaining time.

Test of Faith

(Active, Single-Target, Affects any unit)
If cast on enemy, will deal variable damage based on the unit's faith. If cast on allied Hero, it will teleport the hero to safety. Instantly teleports Chen's persuaded units to safety.

Mana Cooldown C. Range AoE Duration Effects
1 170 30 sec 600 N/A N/A 50-100 Damage to foes, 6 second casting time for allies
2 170 30 sec 600 N/A N/A 100-200 Damage to foes, 5 second casting time for allies
3 170 30 sec 600 N/A N/A 150-300 Damage to foes, 4 second casting time for allies
4 170 30 sec 600 N/A N/A 200-400 Damage to foes, 3 second casting time for allies

It can be used in two different ways. As a pewpew spell with pure (!) damage like Tinker's Laser or as a TP scroll for your allies/ creeps back to the base.
If you don't want to be ported back all the time by a very funny allied Chen, use the -disablehelp command, it will prevent him from using Test of Faith on you.

Holy Persuasion

(Active, Single Target, Affects Enemy non-hero unit)
Takes control of a target enemy unit.

Mana Cooldown C. Range AoE Duration Effects
1 100 30 sec 900 N/A N/A 1 Unit Max. 75 HP Bonus
2 100 30 sec 900 N/A N/A 1 Unit Max. 150 HP Bonus
3 100 30 sec 900 N/A N/A 2 Unit Max. 225 HP Bonus
4 100 30 sec 900 N/A N/A 3 Unit Max. 300 HP Bonus

Aaahhh, the skill what makes the hero. You can control any non-hero unit on the map except Ancients like Dragons or Roshan. The best would be if you control big and scary neutrals with spells instead of those cute kobolds. You can find more information about the controllable creeps below.
If you persuade a new creep above your max unit count, a random persuaded unit (which could be the one you just persuaded) will die.
Beware of Hand of Midas, Lucifer, Naix or Clinkz (more information below), they can transmute, eat, infest or death pact your persuaded creeps.

Hand of God

(Active, Instant, Affects Allied heroes, persuaded creeps and self)
Fully regenerates your converted creeps. Heals all allied heroes on the map.

Mana Cooldown C. Range AoE Duration Effects
1 200 120 (30*) sec N/A N/A N/A 200 HP Healed
2 300 120 (30*) sec N/A N/A N/A 300 HP Healed
3 400 120 (30*) sec N/A N/A N/A 400 HP Healed

Heals all your allies and creeps. Goes through magic immunity. Upgradable with Aghanim's Scepter(*). Period.


1. Creeps we want to persuade:

There are 3 Camps every Chen loves to see. Namely the Furlbolg camp, the Centaur camp and the strong Troll camp. Those units are the best you can get because they offer disables.
The Furlbolg offers the best damage you can get and a 25% slow within a 300 AoE. Almost sure firstblood if you can get the stomp off nex to a stunner assisting you.
The Centaur is a great creep the entire game. 2 seconds of AoE stun is just devasting and the attackspeed aura helps your allies.
The Troll helps in initiating a gank, because he can ensnare a unit from 550 range which gives your Centaur/ Furlbolg/ ally time to get close and unleash their spells. He also supports pushing by summoning two additional units.
Just to have mentioned it, Furlbolgs are better early game because their Stomp deals more damage than the Centaur stomp and the slow is almost as good as the stun early on.

2. Creeps we should persuade:

There are two big camps left which contain the other two good creeps available. Take one of them, if you can't get one of the other strong creeps. First, there is the big Satyr camp with the Satyr Hellcaler. He has a 100 damage shockwave and a HP reg aura.
The Enraged Wildekin can summon a Tornado which will damage and slow nearby enemies and provides a +3 armor aura. It's btw the 'tankiest' creep you can get due to his high armor and armor aura. The Tornado can be used to clear creep waves or stacked creep camps or to keep enemies from initiating with their Blink Dagger due to its high AoE (600) and controllability.
The Satyr offers nothing really exciting and the Tornado is a bit hard to control, but because of their high damage, HP and their spells they are some of the best creeps you can get.

3. Creeps we could persuade:

There are the good, the bad... and the guys who have no BAM.
Support is a important part of Chen and sometimes you should give up offensive potential in exchange for supporting your allies. And sometimes, the creeps just don't spawn like you want so you have to take one of those.
The Alpha Wolf can be a lategame creep who increases the damage potential of your carry. It is also the fastest creep available with 350 MS.
The Ogre Magi increases the effective health of allies with his Frost Armor which is slightly worse than Lich's (8 bonus armor instead of 9/ 12 at level 3/ 4).
The Satyr Soulstealer can burn the targets mana and can shut down the early game of some heroes like Tiny or Panda.
And please, don't dare to persuade the other creeps left. Those I listed recently are already almost a reason to laugh at you.

4. Skill Build:

Level 1 - Holy Persuasion
Level 2 - Penitence/ Test of Faith (*)
Level 3 - Penitence
Level 4 - Holy Persuasion
Level 5 - Holy Persuasion
Level 6 - Hand of God
Level 7 - Holy Persuasion
Level 8 - Penitence
Level 9 - Penitence
Level 10 - Test of Faith/ Penitence
Level 11 - Hand of God
Level 12 - Test of Faith
Level 13 - Test of Faith
Level 14 - Test of Faith
Level 15 - Attribute Bonus
Level 16 - Hand of God
Level 17+ - Attribute Bonus

Item Build:

Starting Items:

A chicken is absolutely necessary. Maybe a bunch of Wards to prevent being ganked (more information about defensive warding later). Add a combination of Branches, Tangos and the first part of your Ring of Basilius and there we go.

Core Items:

Get Boots asap. Finish your RoB. Get more Wards, Dust and upgrade the Courier if needed. You don't need more to be effective.
Ring of Basilius helps your creeps tanking the jungle creeps, and gives slight manaregen. (Also for your creeps! They normally don't regenerate mana.)
Boots are a no brainer.
6.65 Addition: With the new Urne of Shadows Bracers are now useless for Chen. The new Item offers everything we need: HP, a bit Manareg and it profits from your ganking. Feel free to get one but make sure your teammates don't get it, too, because only one charge is gained per kill.

Extended Core Items:

The money you don't need to buy wards can be used to build a Mekansm. After finishing it, work for Aghanim's. Normally, the game should end at this point of the game.
Mekansm grants you an additional healing ability and helps your allies and creeps surviving. Chen is a natural Meka carrier.
Since 6.60 it's possible to use Aghanim's Scepter on Chen. It dramatically reduces the cooldown of your ultimate (120 seconds --> 30 seconds). With those two items you are able to regenerate tons of your allies' hitpoints.

Extended Extended Core Items:

If you are a really rich guy after finishing Aghanim's and Mekansm upgrade your boots. I recommend getting Boots of Travel because of the mobility it offers, which is needed in this stage of the game.
If you don't have enough money or need more HP, get Power Treads. The AS is some kind of wasted but 10 more Strength is cool.

Luxury Items:

If you are a really, really rich guy build one of those.
Heart for survival, Guinsoo for disable or Shivas for a bit of both. But you shouldn't be farming for it. Always remember, you are not a carry, you should be spending your money on Wards or Dust or something else.

Situational Items:

Hood or Pipe if you are facing a team full of spellcasters. But you should skip Meka if you have to build a Pipe, because otherwise you might not be able to afford it. Vlads can be a good decision if you want to support your carry and if you have enough money after finishing Aghanim's.

Rejected Items:

That's something I read repetitively in this Forums. 'HotD and Necro3 to maximize your blablabla.' or 'A good Chen should be able to control all those Creeps perfectly.' No thanks. It's hard enough to control your hero and your persuaded creeps to help your team, you shouldn't be concerned about overextending yourself. Also, Mekansm and Aghanim's are way better than those two items.
For a further explanation why I reject Necronomicon, read The Necronomicon issue. But beware: Wall of text.
Force staff is good in theory to help your Centaur/ Furlbolg landing its Stomp but it adds no survivability like Meka and Aghs. And if you get it after those items it will be to late to be effective.

Hero Synergy

Ok... I won't list every DotA hero here, because everyone loves disables and heals in their team and everyone hates them if the enemy got such spells.
In general, Chen works well with every stunner, slower and heroes who need a solo lane to gain fast expirience.

...great shit. He can initiate a gank with his Sprint/ Stun combo and your creep can hit the second stun/ slow. His ultimate increases the bonus damage of Penitence even more (Reminder: Penitence's bonus damage is physical!) and he's a natural Armlet carrier, that means he will kiss your ass for heals. He's one of your best allies.

Vengeful Spirit
is a good ally for almost the same reason like Slardar. Good opening Stun, Armor reduction... But Venge is most of the time used as a ganker rather than a carry like Slardar. She does not have to farm and can leave her lane freely. You can roam the map as a couple and kill everything in your way. Very romantic.

profits greatly from your heals because he is one of the few natural tanks in DotA. His damage enhancing and slowing aura stacks with Penitence and not to forget: more creeps, more soul rippin', bro!

Your creeps are no heroes.
Witch Doctor's
Paralyzing Cask will jump between you and your creeps even if you are alone. They get stunned for 5 seconds (!) each jump and you will get stunned repetitively, too. Enough time for the Troll to get off his Maledict and Death Ward (which will target you automatically). That is resulting in death, most of the time. Sad but true.

The only hero that counters every other hero.
just eats you alive. His ultimate will prevent you from using spells or even items, that means no healing for you, my friend. Your creeps are just a little snack, thanks to Devour. His nuke is powerful early game (500 damage if you are unlucky) and combined with Doom's damage you will go down quickly. Doom on you, Doom.

Personally, I love to play
. His maphack hawk warns him if you plan a gank and will find you in the jungle, his pig will prevent you from escaping, his axes will cut you in pieces and his ultimate provides a single target stun for you and makes your creeps crawl. I can't think of a better counter. Well, perhaps if he gets Hand of Midas...


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